ROCK LICKS ENCYCLOPEDIA. T. CATALDO. 50's i primi: Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Scottie Moore, Muddy Waters. 60's eroi: Eric Clapton, Steve Cropper, Dick Dale, Buddy Guy, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Pete Towshend. 70's l' esposione del rock: Martin Barre, Jeff Beck, Dickie Betts, Ritchie Blackmore, Larry Carlton, Don Felder, Ace Frehley, David Gilmour, Steve Howe, Tony Iommi, Ed King, Mark Knopfler, Alex Lifeson, Kerry Livgren, Brian May, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Carlos Santana, Joe Walsh, Angus Young. 80's i virtuosi: Paul Gilbert, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Randy Rhoads, Joe Satriani, Summers, Steve Vai. 90's grunge e altro: Trey Anastasio, Dimebag Darrell, Kirk Hammett, Eric Johnson, Mike McCready, John Petrucci, Rich Robinson & Jeff Cease, Brian Setzer, Ty Tabor. Scale maggiori e minori, pentatoniche, scale blues, modi maggiori e minori, armonica e melodica minore, diminuite. 294 fraseggi della lunghezza di una, due, tre battute l'uno. CD TAB.

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Series: Musicians Institute Press
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
Softcover with CD - TAB
Composer: Jean Marc Belkadi

This one-on-one lesson with MI instructor Jean Marc Belkadi applies the slap bass techniques popularized by Louis Johnson, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and others to the guitar. Covers basic slap and pop techniques in funk, rock, R&B, Latin and reggae styles. The book includes standard notation and tab, and the accompanying CD features 52 full-band demo tracks. 24 pages

Price: €15,99

THE NEW METAL MASTERS Korn-Audioslave-Limp Bizkit-RATM-Linkin Park-Tool-CD LIBRO TABLATURE

THE NEW METAL MASTERS Korn, Audioslave, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, Tool, And More! CD TAB.

Series: Book
Softcover with CD - TAB
Author: HP Newquist
Author: Rich Maloof

Play and sound like the new metal legends! This book/CD pack lets you explore the work of a dozen guitar czars who span the entire spectrum of new metal. You'll discover their stylistic secrets, learn how they played their most famous riffs, and find out how they created their unique sounds. The accompanying CD walks you note-by-note through licks that characterize the signature sounds of these killer guitarists. 96 pages.

Price: €27,99



Composer: Dale Turner. From repertoire to accompaniment patterns to licks, this book is fully stocked to give you the confidence knowing you can "get by" and survive, regardless of the situation. The book covers: songs and set lists; gear; rhythm riffs in styles from blues to funk to rock to metal; lead licks in blues, country, jazz & rock styles; transposition and more. The CD features 99 demonstration tracks, and the book includes standard notation and tab. 48 pages.

Price: €21,99



Price: €89,99



Lessons and Tab for 75 Extreme Guitar Tapping Ideas
Series: Musicians Institute Press
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
Softcover with CD - TAB
Author: Jean Marc Belkadi

Tackle tapping one-on-one in this Private Lesson with MI instructor Jean Marc Belkadi! He covers: blues and classic tapping licks; scalar tapping licks; triads and arpeggios; advanced tapping licks; string skipping, multi-finger tapping, tapped bends, pedal points, open strings and other devices; and so much more. The book is in standard notation and tab, and the accompanying CD contains 75 demo tracks for listening. Each example is played at full tempo, and most are repeated at half speed. 40 pages.



Though the birth of tapping is largely associated with the eighties decade, players had begun experimenting with it as early as the mid-to-Iate seventies. Namely among them are session whiz Larry Carlton and the inimitable Jeff Beck. It was only a matter of time before someone would truly exploit the technique and harness the potential it possessed. Eddie Van Halen almost singlehandedly
introduced the technique to the guitar world with the release of Van Hafen near the turn of the decade. Rock guitar players everywhere jumped on the bandwagon, and within a few years a new breed of tappers emerged with their own style. Players such as Greg Howe, Steve Lynch, Reb Beach, and Jennifer Batten twisted and reinvented the technique, achieving unprecedented results. More recently in the nineties, fusion and contemporary guitarists Stanley Jordan and T.J. Helmerich took it to the next level, in many instances getting rid of the pick all together.
The objective of this book is to provide some different ways of using the tapping technique. The licks presented here draw from the styles of all the above-mentioned masters. Therefore, a great variety of techniques will be covered. It is hoped that you'll find many ideas in this book that you'll be able to incorporate into your own playing. Good luck and enjoy.

About the Audio
Throughout this book, the numbers below the audio symbols ~ indicate the CD track number where
each example will be found on the accompanying CD.
Each example is played at full tempo, and most are repeated at half speed. In addition, short introductory phrases (which are not transcribed in the examples) are sometimes included to provide a better sense of context and to maintain an improvisational feel.

- Blues and Classic Tapping Licks
- Scalar Tapping Licks
- Triads and Arpeggios
- Advanced Tapping Licks
String Skipping, Multi-Finger Tapping, Tapped Bends, Pedal Points, Open Strings, and Other Devices

Standard Notation and Tablature

The accompanying CD contains 75 demonstration tracks for listening. Each example is played at full tempo, and most are repeated at half speed.

is the official series of Southern California's
renowned music school, Musicians Institut
MI instructors, some of the finest musicians
in the world, share their vast knowledge an
experience with you no matter what your
current level.
Whether your instrument is guitar, bass,
drums, vocals, or keyboards, MI PRESS
offers the finest music curriculum for highe
learning through avariety of series:

Essential Concepts – designed from MI core curriculum programs

Master Class-designed from MI
elective courses

Private Lessons - tackle a variety of topics "one-on-one" with MI faculty instructors

Video-in-depth lessons with many of Ml's well-known instructors

Table Contents
Introduction .
About the Audio .

CHAPTER 1 - Blues and Classic Tapping Licks .
CHAPTER 2 - Scalar Tapping Licks
CHAPTER 3 -Triads and Arpeggios
CHAPTER 4 - Advanced Tapping Techniques
About the Author  

Price: €21,99


A RHYTHMIC VOCABULARY. Understanding and improvising with rhythm. ALAN DWORSKY. Manuale sul ritmo per chi fa musica e vuole evitare le note. 208 pagine. CD

Price: €79,99

CONTEMPORARY ACOUSTIC GUITAR Steve Trovato CD chitarra libro tablature chords rhythms-chord embellishments-fingerpicking-blues-ragtime-new age-folk


Contemporary Acoustic Guitar

Series: Musicians Institute Press
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
Format: Softcover with CD - TAB
Composer: Eric Paschal
Composer: Steve Trovato

This book designed from elective courses taught at the famous Musicians Institute is the definitive source for playing acoustic guitar! Topics covered include: basic chords and rhythms; chord embellishments; fingerpicking patterns; blues, ragtime, new age, folk and other styles; drop D and other alternate tunings; and more! The accompanying CD includes 60 full-band tracks, and examples are written in standard notation and TAB.

Inventory #HL 00695320
ISBN: 9780793595891
UPC: 073999953206
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
48 pages

Preface Welcome to Contemporary Acoustic Guitar! This book/CD is designed to show you the essential techniques for acoustic guitar playing. While it serves as an excellent source for the beginning guitarist, it can help players of all levels widen their skills with techniques such as fingerstyle playing, Travis and bluegrass-style picking, alternate and open tunings, and new chord sounds.
The musical examples in this book are varied: some can be played with a flatpick, and others are
intended to be played fingerstyle. Some examples may be played in either fashion. Experiment and
see what feels and sounds best to you.
Most of the examples are written both in music notation and guitar tablature and can be heard on
the accompanying CD-so don't worry if you're not a great reader. The point is to get the notes
under your fingers and play! Good luck to you, and have fun!
Eric Paschal & Steve Trovato

About the Authors
Eric Paschal is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and now lives in
Santa Clarita, California. Recognized for his versatility, Eric is
comfortable in a wide range of playing and writing styles. He is
co-author of the book Rhythm Guitar-The Complete Guide (Hal
Leonard Publishing) and is featured on several other instructional
books and videos. Eric also teaches the "Contemporary Acoustic
Guitar" class at Musicians Institute, as well as several other
unique studies. His recording The View will be released in August
of this year.

Steve Trovato is currently an instructor in the Studio Jazz
Guitar Department at the University of Southern California.
He has authored over 20 instructional books, and is a regular
contributor to Guitar Player, GuitarOne, Axe, Guitar Club, and
Guitar World magazines. In addition to his teaching career, Steve
maintains a busy performing and recording schedule. He has
toured extensively in North America, Asia, and Europe, playing
alongside such players as Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Albert
Collins, Jerry Donahue, Norman Brown, and Jeff Berlin.

TheDefinitive Source for Playing Acoustic Guitar!

• CD Includes 60 Full-Band Tracks
• Basic Chords and Rhythms
• Chord Embellishments
• Fingerpicking Patterns
• Blues, Ragtime, New Age, Folk, and Other Styles
• Drop D and Other Alternate Tunings
• Standard Notation and TAB

is the official series of Southern California's
renowned music school, Musicians Institut
MI instructors, some of the finest musicians
in the world, share their vast knowledge an
experience with you no matter what your
current level.
Whether your instrument is guitar, bass,
drums, vocals, or keyboards, MI PRESS
offers the finest music curriculum for highe
learning through a variety of series:

- Essential Concepts-designed from MI core curriculum program
- Master Class-designed from MI elective courses
- Private Lessons-tackle avariety of topics "one-on-one" with MI faculty instructors
- Pocket Guide-handy reference to the basics
- Video-in-depth lessons with many of Ml's well-known instructors
- Workshops-transcribed scores of music's greatest songs, designed from Ml's performance workshop classes.

Tuning notes .

1. Getting Started
The Basics
Common Strum Patterns .
Chord Progressions with Connecting Tones .

2. Strumming Variations
Alternating Bass Notes .
Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs .
"Boatin' up Sandy" .

3. Chord Embellishments
Sus4 Chords .
Add9 Chords .
Slash Chords .
Arpeggiated Chord Patterns .
"Cloudy" .

4. Fingerpicking
Four-String Chord Patterns .
"Haymaker's Daughter" .
"Reflections" .
"In the Meantime" .
"In the Meantime" Variation .
"Banish Misfortune" .
"Sho Nuf' Is" .

5. The Blues
"Shallow River Blues" .
"Keystone" .
"Wildcard Poker" .

6. Ragtime Guitar
"Buffalo Junction" .
"Cow Tippin', Hog Stompin"' .
"Cannonball Rag" .

7. Drop D Tuning
Three-Note Chords and a Low Bass .
"Daisies for Janet" .
"Pen and Quill" .

8. Double Stops
Combining with other Techniques .
"Strawberry Hill" .
"Falstaff" .

9. Alternate Tunings
"For Pat" .
"Morning" .
Other Common Alternate Tunings

10. Integrating Techniques
"Aberdeen" .
"Rainy Double Sunday" .
About the Authors

Price: €18,99

GUITAR MASTERS VOL.7 Yngwie Malmsteen vengeance-UFO-Lynch-impellitteri CD TABLATURE CHITARRA

GUITAR MASTERS VOL.7. Ascolto e trascrizione completa di: Malmsteen: never die -Yngwie: vengeance -Helloween: I want out -UFO: doctor, doctor -Lynch: Long way home -Impellitteri: the future is back: Petrucci: pull me under. CD TAB.

Price: €49,00




The History, the Players and the Technique of Country Guitar by Richard Kochli

276 pagine di esempi di Country, Rockabilly, Swing, Nashville, blues, Rock. CD TABLATURE

A comprehensive analysis of American country music from a European perspective, this massive 275-page book comes with a companion CD with 97 tracks. Everything from basic rhythm accompaniment to blazing bluegrass solos is addressed including: Carter lead style, fingerpicking, rockabilly riffs, Nashville lead styles, Western swing and honky-tonk, country blues and rock, Cajun history and styles, and a forecast of the future of country. The book is carefully structured with progressively arranged exercises, theory lessons and original and traditional tunes.

This book should prove to be an important resource for country music enthusiasts. All 387 musical examples appear in both standard notation and tablature. Complete lyrics are provided when applicable. Köchli's love and mastery of the entire spectrum of country music is evident throughout.

To me, country music, or just "country" is one of the basic, high voltage,
artistic movements of the 20th Century. It's a movement and a style that, like
jazz, grew out of the huge melting pot of the United States. Country jumps,
it's alive, it's down home - and it comes from the heart. Those who don't
know it may reduce it to the cliches of "Marlboro-Country" or cowboy movies.
But, they couldn't be more wrong: the country sound is a rich mix of musical
influences, and the innovations of some brilliant instrumentalists. And, best
of all, its approachable, hands-on music; if you play the guitar, you've got to love it.
"Best In The West" is not only my humble attempt to close a gap in the
sector of European instructional literature, but also a way to pay my dues.
When I was in your shoes a couple of years ago, I benefited from some
terrific musicians who reached out to me with their music and instruction
books. Now, I'm honored to be able to make my won contribution by helping
you learn this great style. I also hope, through these chapters and exercises,
that your guitar will become a little more personal - and more exciting.
The book intends to give you a far-reaching overview covering all of the
major guitar styles and techniques to be found in country. Over three
hundred exercises, licks, and traditionals, as well as explanations, styles,
analyses, and hints from the "real world" are meant to inspire you on your
way to becoming a true country player. But country is a lot more than
technique, so I try to give a brief historical background for each major style,
and a little bit about the people who made it happen in the first place.
Therefore, each of the ten chapters starts with some information meant to
put you in the right mood, while the individual workshops contain examples
of the great pioneers of each particular style.
Playing country music is meant to be enjoyed by all sorts of people, so this
book wasn't written with just professionals in mind; it offers something for
everyone. Every chapter is separated into three levels of difficulty:
• Level 1: For newcomers: basic introductory playing as a prerequisite.
• Level 2: For the more advanced: some experience in playing country music and emphasis on variety and specific styles.
• Level 3: For the pros and country-cats: specific techniques, styles, and new horizons.
Of course, there is no strict borderline between the different levels. They
can't be more than a guideline for your selection of exercises. Learning is an
individual thing, so if you're ready to move before I am partner, take off.
The final chapter, "Theory", offers a summary of the most important basics,
scales, chords, and so on. It's meant to help you understand concepts more
easily, and to support and accelerate your learning process.
Originally, country music was a simple form of expression, which was deeply
rooted in the human spirit and spoke to people where they lived. So, it's
important to keep in mind that technical skill is secondary to the "feel" of the
music, its emotion. Because of this, the enclosed CD helps you get started
by introducing you to the sounds, and wide variety of nuances, in country


Table of Contents
Preface .
CD Index .

Chapter 1: The Basics Of The Country Rhythm Guitar .
Some History .
The First Rhythms Level 1 .
The Capo .
The Shuffle Rhythm .
Basic Country Rhythms .
The alternating bass .
Bass runs .
The Carter backup lick .
Basic bass runs .
Hammer-on Level 2 .
Pull-off .
Workshop - Jimmie Rodgers .
Ghost Notes Or Dead Notes Level 3 .
Ghost Notes With Fills And Bass Runs .
Barre Chords In Backup Playing .
Riffs .
Combination of various types .
High Class Backups With Open Chords .
Discography .

Chapter 2: Bluegrass Backup .
Some History .
Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Level 2/3 .
G-run .
Additional chord strokes .
Fewer chord strokes .
Ending .
Barre - G-run .
Discography .

Chapter 3: Carter Lead Style .
Maybelle's Story Level 1 .
Maybelle's Technique .
Maybelle's Flower .
John Hardy .
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Level 2 .
Farther Along .
Discography .
Wreck Of Old 97 Level 3 .

Chapter 4: Bluegrass Flat-Picking 50105 .
The Lead Guitar In Bluegrass Level 1 .
Bluegrass licks in G major .
Bluegrass licks in C major .
Bluegrass licks in D major .
Solo In G Level 2 .
Solo In C .
Short Analysis .
Fiddle Tunes Level 3 .
Workshops - Three Great Flat Pickers '" .
Alton Delmore .
Doc Watson .
Clarence White .
Cross- Picki ng .
Discography .

Chapter 5: Finger-Picking .
Some History .
Introduction To Finger-Picking Level 1 .
Backup Picking .
Basic patterns .
Alternating bass .
Bass runs .
Melody Picking .
Expanding The Basic Patterns With Fill-ins Level 2 .
Sliding .
Bending .
3/4 Time Patterns .
Workshops .
Sam McGee .
Merle Travis
Travis-Picking With Moveable Chords Level 3 .
Workshop - Chet Atkins
Finger-Picking Licks To Show Off "
Lead Picking .

Chapter 6: A Rockabilly Trip
Some History
Backup Basics Level 1 .
Moveable Backup Riffs .
Expanding The Basic Backup Riffs Level 2
Workshop - Scotty Moore .
Plectrum and finger-picking combination
Rockabilly Lead Licks
Rockabilly Solo Level 3
The slightly different lecture for the pro

Chapter 7: Nashville lead Styles
Some History
Workshop - Luther Perkins Level 1 .
Lead Basics .
The four variations of the major pentatonic scale .
Improvising with different scales .
Harmonizing .
Chord licks .
Double note licks .
Combinations Of The Used Material. .
Nashville Hammer-on And Pull-off Licks Level 2 .
Pedal Steel Bending .
Chicken-Picking .
Ghost otes / Muted Trills Lead-ins .
Workshop - James Burton .
Country Rock - What It Really Is .
Workshop - Pete Anderson .
Open String Adventures Level 3 .
Twin Leads .
Nashville Specials .
Bottleneck slide .
Bend behind the nut. .
The magic chromatic race .
Harmon ics .
Workshop - Albert Lee .
Discog raphy .

Chapter 8: Western Swing And Honky Tonk .
Some History .
Texas Style Camping Level 1 .
The sock rhythm .
Passing chords .
Western Swing Lead Guitar Level 2 .
Hanky Tonk Lead Guitar .
Diminished Scale Level 3 .
Workshop - Eldon Shamblin .
Discography .

Chapter 9: Cajun .
Some History .
Quick Style Analysis Level 1 .
Cajun Workshop Level 2/3 .
Discography .

Chapter 10: The New Generation .
Workshops .
Danny Gatton .
Brent Mason .
More Nashville Hot Shots .
Ray Flacke .
Steve Wariner .
Jerry Donahue .
Final Workshop .

Chapter 11: Theory .
The Fret Board .
Intervals and Degrees ,
The Nashville Lead Sheet. .
The Most Commonly Used Major Keys And Their Degrees .
The Most Commonly Used Minor Keys And Their Degrees .
Popular Country Schemes .
Simultaneously Played Intervals .
Position Oriented Overview .
Special Character Reference ,

Contents (Example - Topic)
1 - The shuffle rhythm .
3 - The bass run .
4,7- Carter backup lick .
9 - Old Smokey (trad.) .
11 - The Days Of 49 (trad.) .
13,15,17,18 - Hammer-ons and pull-offs in backup playing .
20 - We Don't Forget You, Jimmie .
21 - Bury Me Beneath The Willow (trad.) .
22 - The Forzen Logger (trad.) .
23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 - Muting .
33,34 - Ghost note rhythms with fills and bass runs (C major) .
36,38,39 - Ghost note rhythms with fills and bass runs (G major) .
40,41,42 - Ghost note rhythms with fills and bass runs (A major) .
44,46,47 - Ghost note rhythms with fills and bass runs (E major) .
49,50 - Ghost note rhythms with fills and bass runs (0 major) .
51,52 - Two exercises (expanded ghost note backup style) .
54,56,59,60 - Barre chords in backups, E-type .
61,63,64,65 - Barre chords in backups, A-type .
66 - Barre chords in the backups, G-type .
67,68 - Barre chords in the backups, C-type and combinations .
69, 70 - High class backup with open chords .
71,72,74,76 - The G-run (G chord) .
78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 88, 89 - G-run over G, 0, A, and E .
90,92,93 - Additional or less chord strokes .
94,95,96 - Ending .
97 - Banks Of The Ohio (trad.) .
98 - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (trad.) .
99 - Cripple Creek (trad.) .
100 - All Your Good Songs .
101, 103, 104 - Barre G-runs .
107,108 - Maybelle's Flower / John Hardy (trad.) .
109 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (trad.) .
110 - Farther Along (trad.) .
111 - Wreck Of Old 97 (trad.) .
112, 114, 115, 117, 118, 119, 120 - Bluegrass licks in G .
123,124,125,126 - Bluegrass licks in C .
128,129,130 - Bluegrass licks in 0 .
132 - Bluegrass solo in G .
133 - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (trad.) .
134 - Bluegrass solo in C .
135 - Banks Of The Ohio (trad.) .
136 - Fiddle tune "Turkey In The Straw" (trad.) .
137 - Blues For Alton .
138 - Billy In The Low Ground (trad.) .
139 - Nine Pound Hammer (trad.) .
144, 146, 149 - Simple classical picking patterns .
150,151 - Basic pattern 1a .
154, 157 - Basic pattern 2a .
159,160,162 - Pattern 3 and 4 as well as exercise .
163, 164, 165 - Alternate bass and bass runs .
167 - Jesse James (trad.) .
168,169,171,172 - Extended patterns (H and P) .
173,174 - Extended patterns (SL, B) .
175 - Exercise with different techniques .
176, 177, 178, 179 - 3/4 time patterns .
180 - I Never Will Marry (trad.) .
182 - For Sam .
184 - Travis-picking "Take This Hammer" (trad.) .
185 - Travis-picking "Worried Man" (trad.) .
186,188,190 - Travis-backup patterns .
191 - Travis-picking "I'm A Pilgrim" (trad.) .
192 - Travis-picking with moveable chords "Careless Love" (trad.) .
193 - Mister Chetman .
195,196,197,199,200/202,201,203,204 - Licks to show off .
206, 208 - Lead picking .
209 - Boogie riff .
211 - Exercise with strokes using seventh chords .
213,214,217 - Variations of boogie runs, ending run .
218,220 - Movable backup riffs .
224,225, 226, 227 - Extended boogie riffs .
229 - Exercise "Bluesy Third" .
231 - The Scotty-Beam .
232,234,235,236,237 - Rockabilly lead licks .
238 - Nashville Cats Don't Stray .
239, 240 - Workshop Luther Perkins .
242,243 - Pentatonic basic scale variation 1 .
246 - Pentatonic exercise .
247, 248, 250, 252 - Pentatonic basic scale variation 2 .
255,257,260 - Pentatonic basic scale variations 3 and 4 .
261 - Improvisation with different scales .
262,265, 268, 269, 271, 273 - Chord licks .
274 - Exercise in Hank Snow style .
275, 277 - Double note licks .
279 _ Tom Dooley (trad.) .
280 - Exercise solos in sectors .
281,284,286 _ Nashville hammer-on and pull-off licks part 1 .
287,288,289, 290 - Nashville hammer-on and pull-off licks part 2 .
292, 293/294 - Nashville hammer-on and pull-off licks part 3 .
296,298,299,301 - Nashville hammer-on and pull-off licks part 4 .
302,304, 305 - Nashville hammer-on and pull-off licks part 5 .
307,309,310,311,313 - Pedal steel licks part 1.. .
316,318,319,321,323,324 - Pedal steel licks part 2 .
326,327,329,330 - Pedal steel licks part 3 .
331 - Pedal steel exercise .
332 - Different chicken-picking techniques .
333,334,335 - Chicken-picking techniques with ghost notes and trills .
336 - James' Hate Tele .
337 - Nothing To Prove .
338 - Exercise with pedal steel bending using open strings .
341/342,344 - Open string hot lick .
349,350,352 - Melodic roll patterns .
354 - Exercise twin lead .
355 - Jenny In Hawaii. .
356,358,360 - Bend behind the nut licks, chromatic race .
361 -A Little Bell- Waltz .
362 - Wizard Albert .
363,364 - Sock rhythms, passing chords .
376 (inc!. 375) - Will The Circle Be Unbroken .
377 - Honky- Tonk-Heartaches .
378 - Playboy Eldon .
379 - Cajun style .
381 - Les Jolies Filles De Louisiana .
382 - Danny's One-Man-Band .
383 - Master Mason's Turbo! .
387 - Slick Country .
Jamtrack 1 (G, "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms"; bluegrass, oldtime country)
Jamtrack 2 (C, 12-bars binary, country rock, -blues, -pop)
Jamtrack 3 (A, 16-bars Rockabilly shuffle)

A Little Bell - Waltz R. Kochli
All Your Good Songs R. Kochli
Banks of The Ohio Arranged by R. Kochli
Billy in The Low Ground Arranged by R. Kochli
Blues for Alton Written & Arranged by R. Kochli
Bury Me Beneath The Willow Arranged by R. Kochli
Careless Love Arranged by R. Kochli
Cripple Creek Arranged by R. Kochli
Danny's One-Man-Band R. Kochli
East Virginia Arranged by R. Kochli
Farther Along Arranged by R. Kochli
For Sam Written & Arranged by R. Kochli
Honky-Tonk-Heartaches R. Kochli
I Never Will Marry Arranged by R. Kochli
I'm A Pilgrim Arranged by R. Kochli
James' Hote Tele R. Kochli
Jenny In Hawaii R. Kochli
Jesse James Arranged by R. Kochli
John Hardy Arranged by R. Kochli
Les Jolies Filles De Louisiana R. Kochli
Master Mason's Turbo! R. Kochli
Maybelle's Flower R. Kochli
Mister Chetman Written & Arranged by R. Kochli
Nashville Cats Don't Stray R. Kochli
Nine Pound Hammer Arranged by R. Kochli
Nothing To Prove R. Kochli
Oh When The Saints Arranged by R. Kochli
Old Smokey Arranged by R. Kochli
Playboy Eldon R. Kochli
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Arranged by R. Kochli
Slick Country R. Kochli
Take This Hammer Arranged by R. Kochli
The Days of 49 Arranged by R. Kochli
The Frozen Logger Arranged by R. Kochli
The Scotty-Beam R. Kochli
Tom Dooley Arranged by R. Kochli
Turkey in The Straw Arranged by R. Kochli
We Don't Forget You, Jimmie Written & Arranged by R. Kochli
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Arranged by R. Kochli
Wizard Albert R. Kochli
Worried Man Arranged by R. Kochli
Wreck of Old 97 Arranged by R. Kochli

Price: €30,99
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