COMPLETE DOBRO PLAYER, Phillips. 245 Pagine. 2CD TAB.

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Stacy Phillips is an internationally acclaimed soloist and author on Resonator Guitar. This comprehensive book took years to produce and is the culmination of Stacy's many years of playing the instrument, studying new Resonator techniques and interviewing other Resonator greats. This book achieves the following objectives: 1. To present an in-depth survey of the styles in which well-rounded lap guitarist should be competent. 2. To examine the playing styles and techniques of some of the world's greatest Resonator guitarists. 3. To catalog many of the licks that are lingua franca in the world of Resonator guitarists. 4. To indicate some of the underlying relationships between notes, keys, and chords by introducing some basic music theory as it relates specifically to the six-string guitar in G tuning. 5. To gain insights into the world of Resophonic guitar stylings and performance through interviews with some of the top players. 6. To demonstrate unconventional concepts in order to stimulate fresh approaches to playing the instrument. Tablature included.

The double-CD set presents more than 90 minutes of stereo recording featuring Stacy Phillips on Dobro and Paul Howard on guitar. Play-along tracks are included for several of the tunes.

Format: Book/2-CD Set

Reading the Tablature
A Survey of Techniques for Resonator Guitarists (String Damping; Hammering On; Pulling Off; Forward Slants; Reverse Slants; Harmonics; Pulling the Strings; Some Bar Control Exercises; Vibrato; Fingering)
Elements of Variation and Improvisation for Resonator Guitarists (Position Playing; Playing in First Position; Nuances of Sliding and Approaching a Note; Thinking Chordally; A Sampling of 3 Note Chords; The Problem of Major Second Intervals and Chromatic Licks in G Tuning; Rhythmic Phrasing; Some General Thoughts about Improvising)
The Sweet and the Simple/Scalar Manipulation and the Melodic Line( Go Tell Aunt Rhodie; I Never Will Marry; Tennessee Waltz; Mike Auldridge Style House of the Rising Sun)
Blues, Boogie and Acoustic Rock (Frankie and Johnnie; Blues Pentatonic Solos; Albert King Style Solos; Bottleneck Guitar Style Solo; Backing Up a Vocalist; Rhythm Grooves; Eric Clapton Style Blues Solo)
Bluegrass and Open String Licks (Aunt Rhodie Bluegrass Style; Bluegrass Breakdown Licks; Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms; Dark Hollow; Over the Waterfall; Buck Graves Style Solos; Don't Let Your Deal Go Down)
A Resonator Guitar Approaches Jazz (Aunt Rhodie Swing Style; Corrine, Corrina Swing Blues; Bring It on Down to My House; II-V-I Jazz Licks; Modern Jazz Blues; Leon McAuliffe Style Swing Blues; Bob Dunn Style Solos; Shine on Harvest Moon; Deep Elm Swing; Comping)
Hawaiian Roots, Retunings and the Pedal Prodigal Grandchild( A Primer of Hawaiian Style Licks; B Minor Tuning; Modal Tuning; G add 2 or G9 Tuning; G6 Tuning; Mike Auldridge's Eight String Swing; Pedal Steel Licks Transferred to Resonator Guitar.
Playing in Minor Keys (The Dorian, Aeolian and Harmonic Minor Scales; Saint James Infirmary; G Minor Tuning; David Grisman's Opus 57 in G Minor and G Modal Tunings)
A Garland of Tunes and Resonator Guitarists (Shot Jackson Style Fort Worth Drag; Gene Wooten Style Rainbow; Rob Ickes' Style Deep Elm Blues; Stacy Phillips' Style Leather Britches; Stacy Phillips' Style Panhandle Rag; Jerry Douglas' Style Panhandle Rag; Jerry Douglas' Style John Henry; Jerry Douglas' Style Sally Ann; Jerry Douglas' Style Saint Anne's Reel; Jerry Douglas' Style Swing Blues; Genial Hawaiians' Style Saint Louis Blues)
The Interviews (Mike Auldridge; Bob Brozman; Cindy Cashdollar; Gene Wooten; Buck Graves; Archduke of the DOBRO®; Jim Bennett; Jerry Douglas)
Resonator Guitar Shopping Mall
Discography and Bibliography
Basic Music Theory for Resonator Guitarists
Fade Out

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