CHRISTMAS FOR FINGERSTYLE PORTRAITS OF. Alex De Grassi, Ed Gerhard, Laurence Juber, Muriel Anderson, e altri. CD TABLATURE

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Christmas carols get a breath of fresh air in the hands of the twelve master solo guitarists presented in this collection. Their contemporary, yet classic treatment of these pieces is absolutely stunning and charged with emotion. All music in notation and tablature.

Picture yourself in Bethlehem asJesus is being I born in a stable. Feel the still, cold air. See the vast black skyfIlledwith stars, and one in particular is shining above the rest. This song, more than any other, seems to take me there. The particular arrangement of Silent Night I've developed for this collection contains an intro, three verses and an ending, most of which sounds rather classical in nature. The second verse, however, moves into a jazz waltz rhythm. In this verse, the trick is to swing all the eighth notes so that the written eighths are actually timed as a quarter and eighth triplet You will also notice the letter "T" quite often in this piece. This indicates notes fretted by the left-hand thumb. Many of the chords that I use, as well as sustaining effects that I'm after, require the use of the thumb. Take special note at letter [AJ. The third set of notes in this measure is made by a partial bar of the index finger, while the bass note (previously fretted by the thumb) continues to sustain. This same figure happens in several other places as well. It may seem a bit awkward at first to finger it this way, but you'll see the point when you get used to it. The grace notes at letter [ID are played with a double rest stroke of the right-hand index and middle fingers. At letter [Q] (and the end of the next measure) you'll encounter "ghost notes." If you listen to the recording, you'll hear something happening at these spots, but it's hard to sayjust what it is. These little "ticks" are used for rhythmic effect and are simply muted pickstrokes. The right hand picks the 4th string while the left hand mutes it, preventing an actual note from sounding. I think you will find this arrangement to be fairly easy to play, and fun, too. It's a great one to pull out of the hat when the situation requires something light. john Standifer has been a multi-instrumentalist, writer, arranger, and producer on nearly a hundred Northwest album projects, demos, and radio commercials over thepast twentyyears. He has recently developed an intensive seminar, which he conducts nationally, called Praise Guitar Workshop. 

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An Old English Carol - Billy Mclaughlin
Away In A Manger - Jay Leach
Bells Of Paradise - Laurence Juber
Coventry Carol - Muriel Anderson
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Harvey Reid
Good King Wenceslas - El Mcmeen
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head - Rick Foster
Lo, How A Rose 'Er Blooming - Gary Lowry
O, Holy Night Adolphe Adam, - Arr. Ed Gerhard
Silent Night - John Standefer
The Holly & The Ivy - Alex De Grassi
What Child Is This / Marietta - Jonathan Burchfield

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