GOSPEL GUITAR, VOLUME 1. FINGERPICKING AND TRAVIS STYLE. La musica Gospel è la musica dei canti religiosi dei neri d'America. Negli anni venti, prima della grande depressione che colpì gli Stati Uniti nel 1929, quando ai neri fu concesso di avere le proprie chiese, la canzone gospel si definì maggiormente, ed iniziò a diffondersi anche attraverso i dischi. In questo libro troverete alcuni tra i titoli più famosi di musica Gospel (Vangelo). Numerosi artisti della scena americana degli anni '50, iniziarono cantando in chiesa le canzoni sacre di questo libro. Ogni titolo è arrangiato in tre modi: per chitarra e canto, per chitarra fingerstyle e in Merle Travis style. Casualmente nel 1956 Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis e Johnny Cash si trovarono nello studio di registrazione nello stesso periodo, e durante gli intervalli cantarono insieme, divertendosi con alcune canzoni del repertorio Gospel. Siamo certi che questo libro vi aiuterà ad organizzare una vostra divertente Gospel "jam session" improvvisando con queste semplici e chiare melodie. Amazing grace -angel band -can the circle be unbroken -give me that old time religion -in the sweet bye and bye -just a closer walk with thee -life is like a mountain railroad -old gospel ship -rock of ages -swing low, sweet chariot -this train -walking in Jerusalem just like John -wayfaring stranger -when the saints go marching in. TABLATURE

Bluegrass and country singing are firmly rooted in Gospel music: in fact, many of the great bluegrass and country singers learned to sing in church. These are some of the hymns they sang--and later performed and recorded. They are some of the most popular and oldest sacred songs, and they have spread a lot of happiness, comfort and faith over the years. The arrangements are for beginners and intermediate players; and there are a few licks advanced pickers might find interesting! Each song is written three ways:


First, there's a "Carter-style" arrangement in the key of C. This is the universal country style in which you pick the melody notes on the bass strings with a flatpick (or with your thumb) and fill in the rhythm with brush downup strokes on the higher strings.

Second, there's a "Carter-style" arrangement in the key of G.

Third, there's a fingerpicking version a la Merle Travis: You pick the melody with your fingers on the high strings while your thumb keeps a steady beat on the bass strings.

Since the songs are written in two (and sometimes three) keys, you can play them in any key you like, with a little help from your capo. If you have a banjo-playing friend, you can match up your playling with the solos in the compainion books: GOSPEL BLUEGRASS BANJO vol.! and vol.2 A final word about Gospel music: A recent release from Memphis' Sun Studios dramatized the importance of hymns in American pop music. A jam session occurred in 1956 when Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash all turned up at the studio at the same time. They sang and played together for a few hours, just for fun, and some smart engineer turned on the tape. The first batch of songs they sang--the most obvious common ground for the four young men who would indelibly change the American music scene--was from the Gospel repertory .. .including one of the songs in this collection. It's interesting to note that the hymns led very naturally to a set of Bill Monroe tunes! I hope this book helps you organize your own Gospel jam session. I know that playing these arrangements will teach you a lot about the Carter style and fingerpicking.



Introduction .
How To Read The Tablature .
Chords used and Chord Fragments .
Carter-style .
Travis style .
Amazing Grace 
Angel Band .
Can The Circle Be Unbroken .
Give Me That Old Time Religion .
In The Sweet Bye and Bye .
Just A Closer Walk With Thee .
Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad .
Old Gospel Ship .
Rock Of Ages .
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot .
This Train .
Walking In Jerusalem Just Like John .
Wayfaring Stranger .
When The Saints Go Marching In
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