ADVANCED ROCK RHYTHM GUITAR, For Electric and Acoustic Guitar. Dave Celentano. TABLATURE DVD

ADVANCED ROCK RHYTHM GUITAR, For Electric and Acoustic Guitar. D. Celentano. Blues/rock, Malaguena, Funk/rock, Blues/Rock in A, Blues/Rock in B minor, Jazz/rock, Funk/Rock, Heavy metal. TABLATURE DVD

Series: Guitar
Medium: DVD
Author: Dave Celentano
In this DVD, Dave Celentano concludes his three level rock rhythm guitar course with challenging rhythm work in the styles of funk/rock, fast boogie blues, slow blues/rock, jazz/rock, and heavy metal. Techniques and topics covered are fast electric and acoustic strums, palm muting, string muting, scratch strumming, riff rhythms, seventh and ninth chords, power chords, and bar chords. Dave demonstrates each example, then breaks them down into smaller sections for learning. Transcription booklet included. 60 minutes.

Dave Celentano is a graduate of G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology). 


Dave Celentano si è laureato al G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology). 

Ha scritto libri più di 30 libri per chitarra, e insegna musica da oltre 20 anni nella zona di Los Angeles.  

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60 min.