ACOUSTIC GUITAR, RAGTIME CD TABLATURE Jasse James-red river valley-victory rag-blue bell-when the saints go marching in-Gary Davis' pastime-rag in C-great bs' stomp-Blake's rag continuation-G rag journey-raggy blues in E -at a Georgia

Fingerstyle: Jasse James -red river valley -victory rag -blue bell -when the saints go marching in -Gary Davis' pastime -rag in C -great bs' stomp -Blake's rag continuation -G rag journey -raggy blues in E -at a Georgia campmeeting -silver swan rag -grace and beauty -maple leaf rag -the entertainer -solace, a mexican serenade.

"Ragtime" is by nature melodious and nostalgic black piano music which was very popular from the end of 19th century to the early of 20th century. Also in acoustic guitar scene, it has uniquely developed as "ragtime guitar" which is based on its sounds and approaches. And today it has been established as fingerpicking solo music which we can play with one guitar.
In this book, the styles of such "ragtime guitar" are classified into three section; FOLK RAGS where the traditional folk songs are featured, RAGTIME BLIES for which the country bluesmen's ideas are used and CLASSICAL RAG where the melodies of piano rags are arranged for acoustic guitar, and you'll learn the characteristic tunes in each of them. All of the tune are recorded on the attached CD (18 tunes, 47 minutes). The tab/music for every tune is full scored. You can learn "ragtime guitar" infallibly with the detail explanations, the comlete tab/music and the CD. Enjoy the world of challenging "ragtime guitar". 96 pages.

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