Featuring legends of lead guitar, including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Tony Iommi, David Gilmour, and many mire.

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Series: Guitar Book
Format: Softcover with CD - TAB
Author : Dave Rubin

From Eric Clapton and George Harrison to Brian May and Eddie Van Halen, take an inside look at the genesis of classic rock guitar. This book/CD pack provides solo transcriptions in standard notation and tab, lessons on how to play them, guitarist bios, equipment, photos, history, and much more. The accompanying CD contains full-band demonstrations of every guitar solo in the book. It's playable on any CD player, and is also enhanced so Mac and PC users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing the pitch! Songs include: Louie, Louie - Mississippi Queen - Money - Paranoid - Radar Love - Reeling in the Years - Smoke on the Water - Sweet Home Alabama - Tush - We Will Rock You - White Room , and more.

Rock guitar solos have evolved significantly over time. In the "stone age" of the fifties, they often served merely as an "instrumental break" from the vocals; by the "stoned age" of the sixties, however, they sometimes seemed the whole point of the exercise. Even back then, however, the difference was always in the songs with the closest lineage to the blues. Beginning with Chuck Berry and the raucous, howling highway sound of his grinding solo on "Maybellene" in 1955, a freedom to improvise and express joy, anger, lust, menace, or just sheer rebellion for the hell of it became the province of those players willing to test their mettle (metal?) and chops. It's a fairly straight shot from Chuck to the Kingsmen in the Northwest in the early sixties and their primal, iconic garage rock version of "Louie Louie" (1963) featuring lead guitarist Mike Mitchell. In England, Jeff Beck was helping to create psychedelic music in the Yardbirds by filtering the blues through Les Paul and rockabilly music, and his wildly creative chops produced the swinging and humorous "Jeff's Boogie" in 1966. His predecessor in the 'birds, Eric Clapton, would advance the cause of heavy blues rock in Cream during the late sixties with dramatic blues rock like the monolithic "White Room" in 1968. A year later in the U.S., a band from northern California led by the exceptionally talented singer/songwriter/guitarist John Fogerty combined country blues with country, folk, and rockabilly music to create a dazzling string of hit singles. "Born on the Bayou," the flips ide of the future wedding band staple "Proud Mary," captured a Southern ambience not present in British blues rock. Also in 1969, Mexico-born Carlos Santana in the San Francisco area found yet another way to combine the blues with a new genre in the celebratory Latin rock of "Soul Sacrifice" that he had performed that summer at the landmark Woodstock festival in upstate New York. John Lennon likely thought himself the "bluesiest" of the Beatles, that most eclectic and imaginative of sixties bands, but George Harrison and Paul McCartney joined him in trading funky blues rock solos during their crunching jam on 'The End" in 1969 that actually marked the "end" for the Beatles with Abbey Road. Led Zeppelin, their polar opposites led by the brilliant tone king Jimmy Page, gave a nod to a passel of blues classics with their original composition "The Lemon Song" on their second release in 1969. That same watershed year, an authentic American blues group from the South, the Allman Brothers Band featuring Duane Allman and Dicky Betts, included the ultimate encore tune of "Whipping Post" on their debut album. The seventies started off showing no let up in creativity regarding blues influenced rock. Mountain, with the physically "mountainous" lead guitarist Leslie West, paid props to the "Mississippi Queen" in 1970. Across the "big pond," heavy metal avatars Black Sabbath with guitarist Tony Iommi were feeling rather "Paranoid" in 1971, while Deep Purple with the "Dark Knight" Richie Blackmore smoldered with "Smoke on the Water" in 1972. At the same time stateside, the jazz-bopping Steely Dan, with a rotating cast of top session guitarists, recorded the fast shuffling "Reeling in the Years" with studio cat Elliot Randall spinning fluid lines. David Gilmour and the second incarnation of Pink Floyd used "Money" in 1973 to make a major musical statement in England, while the pride of Ohio,

Song List:


1977 - Black Betty - Bill Bartlett - RAM JAM - Ram Jam
1969 - Born On The Bayou - John Fogerty - CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - Bayou Country
1969 - The End - Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon - The BEATLES - Abbey Road
1966 - Jeff's Boogie - Jeff Beck - YARDBIRDS - Over under sideways Down  
1969 - The Lemon Song - Jimmy Page - LED ZEPPELIN II
1977 - Lights Out - Michael Schenker - UFO - lights out 
1976 - Long Time - Tom Scholz - BOSTON - Long time
1963 - Louie, Louie - Mike Mitchell - The KINGSMEN - The Kingsmen in person
1970 - Mississippi Queen - Leslie West - MOUNTAIN - Climbing!
1973 - Money - David Gilmour - PINK FLOYD - dark side of the moon
1971 - Paranoid - Tony Iommi - BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid
1973 - Radar Love - George Kooymans - GOLDEN EARRING - Moontan
1972 - Reeling In The Years - Elliot Randall - STEELY DAN - Can't buy a thrill
1973 - Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo - Rick Derringer - all american boy
1973 - Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh - the smoker you drink, the player you get
1972 - Smoke On The Water - Ritchie Blackmore - DEEP PURPLE - Machine Head 
1980 - Snortin' Whiskey - Pat Travers e Pat Thrall - PAT TRAVERS BAND - crash and burn
1969 - Soul Sacrifice - Carlos Santana - SANTANA 
1974 - Sweet Home Alabama - Ed King - LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Second helping
1974 - Train Kept A-Rollin' - Steve "the deacon" Hunter - AEROSMITH - Get your wings
1975 - Tush - Billy Gibbons - ZZ TOP - Fandango
1977 - We Will Rock You - QUEEN - news of the world
1969 - Whipping Post - Duane Allman - The ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND 
1968 - White Room - Eric Clapton - CREAM - Wheels of fire
1978 - You Really Got Me - Eddie Van Halen - VAN HALEN - Van Halen

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