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Contemporary Acoustic Guitar

Series: Musicians Institute Press
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
Format: Softcover with CD - TAB
Composer: Eric Paschal
Composer: Steve Trovato

This book designed from elective courses taught at the famous Musicians Institute is the definitive source for playing acoustic guitar! Topics covered include: basic chords and rhythms; chord embellishments; fingerpicking patterns; blues, ragtime, new age, folk and other styles; drop D and other alternate tunings; and more! The accompanying CD includes 60 full-band tracks, and examples are written in standard notation and TAB.

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48 pages

Preface Welcome to Contemporary Acoustic Guitar! This book/CD is designed to show you the essential techniques for acoustic guitar playing. While it serves as an excellent source for the beginning guitarist, it can help players of all levels widen their skills with techniques such as fingerstyle playing, Travis and bluegrass-style picking, alternate and open tunings, and new chord sounds.
The musical examples in this book are varied: some can be played with a flatpick, and others are
intended to be played fingerstyle. Some examples may be played in either fashion. Experiment and
see what feels and sounds best to you.
Most of the examples are written both in music notation and guitar tablature and can be heard on
the accompanying CD-so don't worry if you're not a great reader. The point is to get the notes
under your fingers and play! Good luck to you, and have fun!
Eric Paschal & Steve Trovato

About the Authors
Eric Paschal is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and now lives in
Santa Clarita, California. Recognized for his versatility, Eric is
comfortable in a wide range of playing and writing styles. He is
co-author of the book Rhythm Guitar-The Complete Guide (Hal
Leonard Publishing) and is featured on several other instructional
books and videos. Eric also teaches the "Contemporary Acoustic
Guitar" class at Musicians Institute, as well as several other
unique studies. His recording The View will be released in August
of this year.

Steve Trovato is currently an instructor in the Studio Jazz
Guitar Department at the University of Southern California.
He has authored over 20 instructional books, and is a regular
contributor to Guitar Player, GuitarOne, Axe, Guitar Club, and
Guitar World magazines. In addition to his teaching career, Steve
maintains a busy performing and recording schedule. He has
toured extensively in North America, Asia, and Europe, playing
alongside such players as Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Albert
Collins, Jerry Donahue, Norman Brown, and Jeff Berlin.

TheDefinitive Source for Playing Acoustic Guitar!

• CD Includes 60 Full-Band Tracks
• Basic Chords and Rhythms
• Chord Embellishments
• Fingerpicking Patterns
• Blues, Ragtime, New Age, Folk, and Other Styles
• Drop D and Other Alternate Tunings
• Standard Notation and TAB

is the official series of Southern California's
renowned music school, Musicians Institut
MI instructors, some of the finest musicians
in the world, share their vast knowledge an
experience with you no matter what your
current level.
Whether your instrument is guitar, bass,
drums, vocals, or keyboards, MI PRESS
offers the finest music curriculum for highe
learning through a variety of series:

- Essential Concepts-designed from MI core curriculum program
- Master Class-designed from MI elective courses
- Private Lessons-tackle avariety of topics "one-on-one" with MI faculty instructors
- Pocket Guide-handy reference to the basics
- Video-in-depth lessons with many of Ml's well-known instructors
- Workshops-transcribed scores of music's greatest songs, designed from Ml's performance workshop classes.

Tuning notes .

1. Getting Started
The Basics
Common Strum Patterns .
Chord Progressions with Connecting Tones .

2. Strumming Variations
Alternating Bass Notes .
Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs .
"Boatin' up Sandy" .

3. Chord Embellishments
Sus4 Chords .
Add9 Chords .
Slash Chords .
Arpeggiated Chord Patterns .
"Cloudy" .

4. Fingerpicking
Four-String Chord Patterns .
"Haymaker's Daughter" .
"Reflections" .
"In the Meantime" .
"In the Meantime" Variation .
"Banish Misfortune" .
"Sho Nuf' Is" .

5. The Blues
"Shallow River Blues" .
"Keystone" .
"Wildcard Poker" .

6. Ragtime Guitar
"Buffalo Junction" .
"Cow Tippin', Hog Stompin"' .
"Cannonball Rag" .

7. Drop D Tuning
Three-Note Chords and a Low Bass .
"Daisies for Janet" .
"Pen and Quill" .

8. Double Stops
Combining with other Techniques .
"Strawberry Hill" .
"Falstaff" .

9. Alternate Tunings
"For Pat" .
"Morning" .
Other Common Alternate Tunings

10. Integrating Techniques
"Aberdeen" .
"Rainy Double Sunday" .
About the Authors

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