THE GUITAR COOKBOOK Guide to Rhythm Melody Harmony Technique & Improvisation Jesse Gress TABLATURE

THE GUITAR COOKBOOK, The Complete Guide to Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Technique & Improvisation. 246 pagine. TAB.

Series: Book
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Softcover - TAB
Author: Jesse Gress

Spice up your playing with The Guitar Cookbook! Written by Guitar Player magazine music editor Jesse Gress, this collection of "recipes" for satisfying a wide variety of musical appetites is for beginning to advanced guitarists. It covers all the ingredients for cooking up great music on the guitar: music notation, tuning, intonation, rhythm, melody, scales, motifs, harmony, ear-training, technique, improvisation and much more. Players will develop a personalized musical vocabulary; learn how to apply it to many different styles; master basic guitar techniques; and let the musical ideas sizzle! 246 pages.

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