MODERN BLUES advanced blues reharmonizations & melodic ideas Saunders CD GUITAR TABLATURE SPARTITI

MODERN BLUES, advanced blues reharmonizations & melodic ideas. Saunders. SHEET MUSIC BOOK WITH CD & GUITAR TABLATURE.




Product Description:
Modern Blues is for intermediate to advanced players wishing to expand their melodic and harmonic vocabulary. The music is in standard notation as well as tablature and a CD is included in which the more difficult exercises are played at a slower as well as faster tempo. The CD was recorded with live drums, acoustic bass and guitar. All the exercises are included on the CD as well as many practice tracks that enable the student to play with a rhythm section. The book covers such topics as reharmonization, exotic chord/scale combinations, intervallic and triadic exercises, alternate pentatonic suggestions and exercises and many other topics.

Product Number: 20415BCD
Format: Book/CD Set
ISBN: 0786668962
UPC: 796279090780
ISBN13: 9780786668960
Series: Private Lessons Series
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 1/17/2004


Chapter One: simple harmonic ideas
Form: major blues
Harmonic elaboration: major blues
Arpeggio ideas, Ex. 1 F blues
Arpeggio ideas, Ex. 2 Bb blues
Arpeggio ideas, Ex. 3 F blues
Arpeggio ideas, Ex. 4-6
Motivic arpeggios, Ex. 7-9

Chapter Two: fourths
F mixolydian four-note fourth voicings explanation/example, Ex. 10
Bb mixolydian four-note fourth voicings, Ex. 11
F# melodic minor four-voice fourths explanation/example, Ex. 12
Db & Eb Melodic minor four-note fourth voicings, Ex. 13-14
Study #1, blues in F, comping four-note fourths
Study #2, blues in F, comping four-note fourths
Three-note fourth voicings, Ex. 15-16
F#, Eb, & Db melodic minor three-note fourth voicings, Ex. 17-19
Study #3, blues in F, comping three-note fourth voicings
Arpeggiated three-note fourths, Ex. 20
Study #4, comping three-note fourths, blues in F
Arpeggiated three-note fourths, Ex. 21, blues in F
Eb lydian, three-note fourth voicings
Study #5 (Blues for J.T.)
Ex. 22 one chorus solo ala Joe Henderson on Blues for J.T.

Chapter Three: minor blues
Ex. 23 Gmi7 pentatonic scale against Cmi7 chord
Ex. 24 C minor blues form
Ex. 25 dominant b7b13 chord and harmonic minor
Ex. 26 C harmonic minor exercise
Study #6 C minor blues
Study #7 5/4 C minor blues groups of 3 over 5

Chapter Four: more complex harmonic ideas
Charlie Parker style F blues
Study #8 Parker blues exphasizing upper-structure
Ex. 27 Coltrane blues changes
Ex. 28 Cycle blues changes
Study #9 Bb blues with Coltrane changes

Appendix A: practice tracks
Practice tracks 36-41, F, Bb and G blues
Practice tracks 42-47, Db, C minor and C minor 5/4 blues
Practive tracks 48-53, F Parker blues, F and Bb Coltrane blues

Appendix B: alternate vertical elements
Ex. 29, Alternate pentatonic vertical elements, G minor pentatonic
Ex. 30, C minor pentatonic alternate voicings
Ex. 31, G minor pentatonic fourth voicings
Ex. 32, C minor pentatonic fourth voicings
Ex. 33, C harmonic minor fourth voicings
Ex. 34, F harmonic minor fourth voicings, Ex. 35, C harm. Minor non-fourth voicings

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