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Slide Guitar and Open Tunings

Series: Fretted
Publisher: Centerstream Publications
Format: Softcover with CD - TAB
Composer: Doug Cox

This book/CD pack for the intermediate player explores the basics of open tunings and slide guitar, covering licks, chords, songs and patterns. This is not just a repertoire book, but rather an approach for guitarists to jam with others, invent their own songs, and understand how to find their way around open tunings with and without a slide. The accompanying CD features 37 tracks.

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Slide Guitar and Open Tunings

For the intermediate guitar player to explore the basics of open tunings and slide guitar with licks, chords, songs, and patterns, plus jamming with others. by Doug Cox

Doug uses John Pearse Strings.
Recording for this project was engineered by Mark Wing for Mark's Music in Courtenay, Be.
Cover photo by Steve Halliday - Hand photos by Lawrence McLagen
The author wishes to thank all the photographers who contributed photos/rom their archives:
Dorothea Funk, Arnie Dyker, Allison Green, Neil Russell, Ken Hamm, David Walford, Johnny Hasenovic, Chris Banner.
Cover art: Shawn Brown

Music notation, pasteup and layout. Kenneth Warfield
Production· Ron Middlebrook

SAN 683-8022
ISBN 1-57424-068-4
CENTER STREAM Publishing - Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
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About the Author:
Doug is a Canadian musician who has recorded and performed with a who's who of fellow Canadian and International musicians. He has toured in North America and Europe extensively as both a sideman and a frontman. A busy teacher, with his own instructional video series, Doug teaches guitar and Dobro at workshops across North America and has developed his own voice on his instruments. He appears on over 100 CDs as a sideman and has two solo recordings; "Canadian Borderline", and "Bone Bottle Brass or Steel", with a new release in the works! Doug hosts his own weekly TV music show in Canada called "Sittin' in with Doug Cox." His Dobro is heard daily across Canada playing the popular adaptation of CBC National Radios' "Discdrive" theme "Fanfarinette" .

Playing in Open Tunings with and without a slide will add many new dimensions to your musical path. I hope the areas we have explored in this book will open new doors in your playing and understanding of music and the guitar. I would also like to emphasize my belief that everything I teach in this book simply reflects the way I approach the guitar and should not be taken as the right or wrong way to do things. I believe that aside from doing anything that causes you physical damage, there is no right or wrong way to play music. Do what you like and what works for you. I also encourage any music student to study with as many teachers as possible and learn what you can from every musical encounter you have. Thank you for studying with me and I hope to see you down the road! Doug Cox

Table of contents:

About The Author.
CD Tracks.
Open E and D Tuning .
D Scale # 1 .
1st Position .
2nd Position .
Practice Patterns In 3s .
Practice Patterns In 4s .
Arpeggio Pattern .
St. Anne's Reel # 1 .
Melodic Major Scale .
St. Anne's Reel #2 .
Colored Aristocracy .
Further Along .
Dadgad Tuning
Wake Up Lisa .
Mary Greig .
Changing Open D to Dm Tuning .
Major/Minor Chord Construction .
D Minor Tuning .
Buffalo Skinners .
Basic Slide Techniques .
Choosing A Slide .
Damping .
Right hand exercise # 1 .
Right hand exercise #2 .
Elmore James Lick Part 1 and 2 .
Elmore James Full Lick .
The 5 Commandments in The Church Of Slide .
Blues Scale Without / With Slide .
12 Bar Blues Rhythm Patterns .
Don't Bring Me Water.
Black Girl / In the Pines .
Hats Off To Ry .
Crossroads Lick .
Death Letter Lick .
Movable Scales, Chords And Licks .
Harmonized Major Scale Patterns .
Conclusion . 

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