In this first of three volumes of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's new Gypsy Jazz Guitar instructional series, "Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar," Jorgenson provides the foundational information and practice material necessary for you to gain an understanding of the Gypsy jazz guitar style. The first half of this volume addresses the important element of Gypsy jazz rhythm. The second half of this first volume addresses soloing. Each volume of this three-part series includes a 2-hour instructional DVD, an audio CD with practice audio tracks, and a full format book which presents all of the theoretical information, chord charts, fret board diagrams, music notation, and tablature for the material presented on the DVD.

Song Title: Composer/Source:
1-4-5 Blues Progression
A Minor Pattern
Adding C#dim7
Adding the A and E& chords
Adding the Daug
Adding the G9
An Interview with John Jorgenson
Audio CD Contents/Forward
Basic Strum Patters
C Major Note Map
C Minor 6
Changing the C7 to C6
Chromatic Pattern 1
Chromatic Pattern 2
Chromatic Pattern 3
Chromatic Scale
Chromatic Scale moving up the neck
D augmented Arpeggio
D Major
D Major Pattern 1
D Major Pattern 2
D Major Pattern 3
Downstroke Exercise
DVD Contents
F Major
F Major Pattern 1
F Major Pattern 2
G Major
G Major Arpeggio
G Major Pattern 1
G Major Pattern 10
G Major Pattern 2
G Major Pattern 3
G Major Pattern 4
G Major Pattern 5
G Major Pattern 6
G Major Pattern 7
G Major Pattern 8
G Major Pattern 9
G Minor
G Minor 6
G Minor 6 Pattern 1
G Minor 6 Pattern 2
G Minor 6 Pattern 3
G Minor Pattern
Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Details
In-between Notes
Lead Playing
Minor Blues Progression
Minor Blues with 3-Note Chords
Open Strings, Unison, & Dissonance
Rhythm Example #1
Rhythm Example #2
Rocking the bass on C7 & D7
Simple Minor Blues Progression

John Jorgenson is perhpas best known as a founding member of the Desert Rose Band, for his dazzling fretwork with the super guitar trio The Hellecasters, from his six-year stint as a member of Elton John's band, and his session work with a diverse range of artists including rock icons Elton John, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Seger, country legends Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Emmy Lou Harris and Hand Williams Jr., and international superstars like Barbara Streisand and Luciano Pavarotti. Even though he has made his living playing primarily rock, country, and pop music John's love for jazz and swing music dates back to his youth when his father, James, was conductiong for Benny Goodman. John, who idolized Goodman, actually got to play with his hero while his father led the way. As accomplished on clarinet as he is on guitar, Jorgenson's first swing recording After You've Gone was a tribute to both his heroes, Django Reinhardt and Benny Goodman. Released in 1985, John played Django style Gypsy jazz ont he first side of the LP and recreated the sound of the Benny Goodman Quintet, playing both Charlie Christian's electric guitar parts and Goodman's swinging clarinet style, on the other. His 2004 release Franco-American Swing, which primarily features John's original swing music, has received rave reviews. In the world of Gypsy jazz music, John Jorgenson has long been known as one of the true American masters of the Django Reinhardt guitar style. In 2003, when the musical director for John Duigan's film Head In The Clouds was looking for someone who could faithfully re-record two tracks from the Quintet of the Hot Club of France for use in the film Guitar Player Magazine's editor recommended Jorgenson. John not only transcribed and recorded the Hot Club's "Blue Drag" and "Minor Swing" for use in the film, he also played the role of Django Reinhardt in the movie. John has also performed with leading European Gypsy jazz artists Bireli Lagrene and Romane, appeared on recordings with Babik Reinhardt and Angelo Debarre, and has written many articles and lessons for national and international guitar magazines. Three guitar virtuosos: John Jorgenson, Jerry Donahue, and Will Ray - collaborated for a one-time-only performance which eventually grew into a 10-year partnership.

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