CONTEMPORARY IMPROVISATION PAT BERGESON Scale, modi, arpeggi, pentatoniche, picking, blues e shuffle TABLATURE DVD

CONTEMPORARY IMPROVISATION, PAT BERGESON. Scale, modi, arpeggi, pentatoniche, picking, esempi completi di blues e shuffle. TAB. DVD

Product Description:
Pat Bergeson shares his knowledge of major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, and mode scale positions. Also included are arpeggios, approach notes, use of the metronome and more!
Format: DVD

Shuffle In G
Take A Look At Her Now
Fred’s Blues
Lesson Includes:
Minor Pentatonic Scales
Scale Positions For:
Melodic Minor
Harmonic Minor
Improvisation On
All Examples
Approach Notes
Phrasing And Musicianship
Use Of The Metronome
Bending And Vibrato
Altered Scales

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