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THE CAPO An Essential Resource for the Guitarist. 24 Pagine. capotasto CD



The Capo

An Essential Resource for the Guitarist
Series: Guitar Educational
Format: Softcover with CD - TAB
Author: Randall Williams
Foreword by ADRIAN LEGG

Learn how to get the most out of your guitar with a capo! This cool pack has everything you need to get started, including a high-quality Kyser capo and a demo CD. The book will teach you how to find keys to fit your voice, play with other guitarists, and all the other basics, and introduce you to the world of partial capos. 24 pages.

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Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
24 pages


- Introduction
- About the Author
- A Word About Capo Placement and Intonation
- The Roadmap: What a Capo Does
- Changing Pitch
- Changing Voicing
- Capos and Chord Charts
- Listening for Capos
- Thinking in Numbers
- Demystifying Transposition
- Major Keys
- Minor Keys
- Partial Capos: A Whole New World
- Review Exercises

- Other Resources
- Answer Key
- CD Track List
Audio recorded by Peter Stevens at Freedlight Sanies, St. Louis


Get the MOST out of your Guitar with Capo!
- Finding key to fit your voice
- Playinq with other guitarists
- The world of partial CAPOs


by Adrian Legg
Emotions live in more detail in different keys, and songs happen in different harmonic shapes.
A guitar is a small and frequently deficient platform on which we try to build sonic structures
that we hope will have emotional significance. A capo is a small step-stool on that platforma
leg up for a piece of music to help it into a new space where it can be emotionally effective
while developing its harmonic shape.
But perhaps we feel we should have to struggle to attain some kind of mortified purity? A
guitar without a capo is like a pew without a hassock. If you've got housemaid's knee, you
care more immediately about your knee hurting than God.
Depth of creative vision has never come to me when I've had a physical difficulty with which
to contend. It has come, though, after I've moved things around.



"At one time, people probably thought frets were cheating, too." - David Wilcox

Abeginning guitarist goes from wanting to practice guitar to needing to practice once the
guitar becomes soul food. For many players, a capo is fundamental to that process.
Sure, a capo is just a little clamp that helps you change pitch easily. But that pitch change
can make a world of difference. The most obvious reason to change the pitch of a song is
so that you can sing along to it. So many people are sure they can't sing, when it's most
likely that they've been trying to sing along with a song that isn't in their vocal range.
Once you find your vocal range, suddenly it becomes fun to sing, and thus fun to play-the
guitar becomes a vehicle for expressing yourself vocally.
But there's much more to the capo than that. The basics of transposing and partial capo
work open up whole new worlds. This book makes it easy.

Randall Williams holds undergraduate and conservatory degrees in music. He's a classically trained baritone who specializes in teaching structure for the acoustic guitar through partial capo work and open tunings. More often than the classical stage, Randall can be found performing on the international singer-songwriter circuit promoting his four Cds. Listen to music and see teaching videos at Randall.

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