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100 GREATEST METAL GUITARISTS, Joel McIver. 224 pagine.

100 GREATEST METAL GUITARISTS, Joel McIver. 224 pagine.

Author: Joel McIver

This controversial guide to guitarists features the most accomplished performers from the vast legions of metal. As well as celebrating the classic metal musicians who've defined the scene since the '70s, it delves deep into thrash metal, death metal, black metal, doom metal, power metal, and battle metal to unearth those players for whom no tremolo divebomb is too high, and no tuning is too low. 224 pages

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SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH Joel McIver Biografia Anthony Iommi Ozzy Osbourne Butler Bill Ward BLACK SABBATH

SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH, Joel McIver. Biografia dei Black Sabbath, 424 pagine.


The gloriously chaotic career of Black Sabbath stands as testament to the indestructibility of British rock at its most extreme. In the world of heavy metal, no other band have lived life to the fullest, stared death in the face so many times, battled addiction, warred within themselves and still emerged, unbowed with as much bloody-minded persistence as Black Sabbath.

Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill have survived against almost impossible odds, always making one more comeback than whatever the latest tally of disbandment's might be, and always celebrating it with yet another thunderous album.

Joel McIver has conducted dozens of interviews with the musicians and those within the music industry who witnessed the roller-coaster rife of the band, as well as many other Sabbath musicians who have been and gone over the years.

Joel McIver is the Production Editor at Record Collector and contributes to a number of magazines as well as compiling albums, writing liner notes and appearing on TV and radio. He has written books on Extreme Metal, Slipknot, Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age, all published by Omnibus Press.
This is the ultimate guide to the Black Sabbath legend!

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