FLUID SOLOING BOOK 4, String Skipping & Wide Interval Soloing for Guitar, Quinn. CD TABLATURE

FLUID SOLOING BOOK 4, String Skipping & Wide Interval Soloing for Guitar, Quinn. CD TAB.

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String Skipping & Wide Interval Soloing: 212 Melodic Studies and Patterns for Guitar is a much-needed guitarist’s guide to mastering wide interval soloing.

This collection of repeating, continuous motion studies shows the guitarist how to develop melodic patterns that are characterized by large intervallic jumps in pitch, from one note to the next, in constant succession. This book presents four unique approaches to developing wide interval soloing, all of which utilize string skipping: 1) double pentatonic scales, which are three-note-per-string pentatonic scale patterns; 2) octave sliding, which uses sliding octave shapes in a variety of ways; 3) stacked fifths, which are wide interval shapes derived from pentatonic scales; and 4) wide interval arpeggios derived from the diatonic major scale.

The sound that results from these techniques is exciting and unpredictable because it is such a departure from conventional melodic flow, which tends to be scalar, moving stepwise from one note in a scale to the next. By contrast, wide interval soloing is angular and skewed with big skips and sudden directional changes, creating a complex and fascinating sound. All of the studies in this book are designed as melodic etudes that can be applied directly to soloing in rock, jazz, fusion, and blues music.

This book is ideal for serious guitarists in any style who want to break out of typical soloing patterns and create a more explosive, radical sound! CD included. 152 Pages.



Section One: Double Pentatonic Scales and Shapes
A) Basic Non-Shifting Scale Exercises

Double Pentatonic Scale Fingerings
Wide-Interval Shapes
Basic Sequencing Exercises
Non-Shifting String Skipping Exercises
Stacked Fifth Exercises
B) String Skipping Shapes and Position Shifting

String Skipping Shapes
String Skipping Shape Sets
Shift Patterns (for horizontal position shifting)
Motion Exercises (using the shift patterns)
Non-Shifting Exercises (using shape sets)
C) Melodic Studies

Six Studies, presented in one scale fingering that combines All Of The Above
How to apply each melodic study to a different scale fingering

Section Two: Octave Sliding
A) Identifying Octave Shapes within Pentatonics
B) Octave Sliding Exercises

23 exercises showing all of the possible ways to slide octaves within one pentatonic scale fingering area
How to apply octave scale sliding exercises to other scale fingerings
C) Melodic Studies (Fifteen Studies)

Section Three: Pentatonic "Stacked Fifths"
A) The Concept
B) Wide Interval Shapes (in 5 fingerings)
C) Shape Connection Exercises

Non-Shifting (Positional)
Shifting (Whole Neck)
Combining Shifting and Non-Shifting Motion
Section Four: Wide Interval Diatonic Arpeggios
A) Diatonic Arpeggios in 5 Fingerings
B) Wide Interval Arpeggio Sets

Due to the large volume of exercises in this book, only selected examples are represented on the CD. It is in the student's best interest to study all the exercises for any given subject, including those that are not represented on the CD.
Breaking up the predictability
Exercises playing Sets 2-5 in all 12 keys
C) Licks Using Arpeggios

Section Five: Soloing Etudes
Appendix: "Guidelines For Using This Book"
Tablature Symbols Key

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