Series: Play It Like It Is
Publisher: Cherry Lane Music TAB
Artist: Dixie Dregs
Artist: Steve Morse Band

I always consider the beginning of a new year a good time to think about what has worked well and what could stand some improvement. Since I've spent most of the last year seeing the world with Deep Purple, my perspective is definitely different now. Let me tell you some of the things that stick out as great foundations for new motivation. I'll put them in two categories. Things To Improve. Practicing habits. While I generally can find enough time in noisy environments to do some technical warmup and things that don't require too much concentration, I have found that my only truly quiet time is late after the gig in my hotel room. I should find a way to set aside more quiet time during the day to be with my guitar. My theory is that two small but effective sessions a day can be more productive than one longer single session. Sometimes when I'm having a problem getting ready to start a run of dates, I find that practicing twice a day provides more benefit than the total number of minutes spent might suggest. A more balanced diet. I definitely ate too much pizza in too many countries. But, on the other hand, it was the only thing I could recognize in many places. I should be more amazed at life itself instead of having to experience a nearly perfect gig to feel uplifted on the road. Many people within the group had friends or family fall ill or even die during the course of the last year. Since it eventually happens to everyone, I guess all of us get somewhat dulled to the fact that just being alive is miraculous. And often, the more you see someone and the more time you spend with them, the more you take them for granted. Sleep. I really must figure out how to get sleep like a normal person. Changing time zones as often as tempos from song to song just flips out my internal clock. On the other hand, I should look at the positive side of being a very light sleeper-I could be a great guard dog. I must remember what a reasonably priced nation the U.S. is. Everywhere else I go constantly reminds me of that fact. I will try hard to remember that this year, as I quickly adjust back to normal outrage at the prices of things today. Amazingly, the things that are available in the U.S. that come from abroad are almost always less expensive here. Our social interaction. Many other countries seem to have safe streets, where residents enjoy community events with no fear of walking or riding bikes in any part of their cities. It's up to us to say enough is enough. Writing a sentence about it won't change much, but what if everyone just suddenly knew that it didn't have to keep on getting worse? Someone once told me that we get what we settle for. Hmmrn .... Things That Were Cool. Getting to talk to my five-year-old son every day. He is at an age where he can entertain me on the phone with his unique views on the way things are. My favorite time was when he asked me to hold on while he got something to eat. I thought he was just going to grab something and come right back to the phone. But since I was paying the Moscow rate of eight dollars a minute from the hotel because of some problem with my carrier, of course he just forgot to return to the phone. After holding for ten minutes then trying back until they hung up the phone, he then requested that I make up another story to tell him. Well, I never will get tired of doing that. I have been surrounded by great, supportive people in the group. I will never again underestimate the importance of good chemistry between people. Two nights ago I had a terribly frustrating technical problem all through the show and I was not handling it very well, especially at first. Everyone was surprisingly helpful in getting me past the point of ruining the show for myself. Instead of getting upset at me for showing some frustration, vocalist Ian Gillan came over and said that he's really glad that I have that much passion for what I am doing. That made all the difference in the world. One minute life sucks, the next I'm feeling thankful. Everyone knew exactly what I was going through and naturally chose to help up one of their wounded. That's good chemistry, and I still don't know if it's luck or destiny or effort that makes it happen, but I'm glad it does. There's also plenty of stories like that from every group I've worked with. When I was a kid wanting to start a band, that was the main reason I was drawn to it. You know, the total really is greater than the sum of its parts. Foreign exchange. If you ever went to a club gig of the Dregs or my band, you could almost always talk to me afterwards. It's kind of normal to be somewhat accessible when you're playing clubs, especially if you're in a band that's doing multiple sets. I got into the habit of greeting those who stuck around after the show because of a guitarist who spent some time talking to me when I was a kid at one of my first shows. In the process of this last year, I've met and learned about a lot of people from many places, backgrounds, and professions. It has been some of the most valuable education in my whole life. Good will. I've met busloads of Croatians traveling a long way to see the show, and other hard-working people in nearly every country who travel great distances to be a part of it. People everywhere have brought gifts, good wishes, enthusiasm, and energy to those large places that our fearless crew has seen every day at setup time. I've seen opening bands bust their butts to get on and off stage on time after driving all night. I've seen people plan their vacations around the tour because they love the energy of live music. Yeah, again and again, I always have to agree that music can strike pretty deep.

13 rockin' guitar transcriptions of Steve's playing in Dixie Dregs and the Steve Morse Band. Plus a bio and notes from Steve Morse. 112 pages

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