AMERICAN TREASURES, early american ballads, hymns & songs of patriotism. Lester CD TABLATURE

AMERICAN TREASURES, early american ballads, hymns & songs of patriotism. Lester CD TAB.

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These solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements cover a wide spectrum of American music. They include early hymns of the pilgrims, American Revolutionary war tunes, British folk ballads that later became colonial pop songs, sea chanteys, spirituals, Civil War tunes, pioneer frontier ballads, military hymns, and songs of patriotism. They were selected for their heartfelt melodies and their adaptability for solo instrumental guitar. While these arrangements seek to tap the rich polyphonic nature of the guitar, players of all levels will enjoy them and be richly rewarded with the music that is unleashed here. This collection offers an extensively researched musical snapshot of early America and a reminder of the amazing heritage of this great country. Written in standard notation and tablature.
Format: Book/CD Set


America (My Country 'Tis of Thee) --
Old Hundreth --
Thanksgiving Prayer --
Greensleeves --
Chester --
Free America / Yankee Doodle --
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier --
The Star-Spangled Banner --
Barbara Allen --
Shenandoah --
Sweet Betsy from Pike --
The Stephen Foster Suite --
Simple Gifts --
Deep River --
Bound for the Promised Land --
The Water Is Wide --
Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal --
Home on the Range (Frontier Medley) --
Aura Lee --
The Civil War Suite --
When Johnny Comes Marching Home --
The Caissons Go Rolling Along (Armed Services Medley) --
America the Beautiful --
The Battle Hymn of the Republic --
Wild Blue Yonder (Armed Services Medley) --
Anchors Aweigh (Armed Services Medley) --
From the Halls of Montezuma (Armed Services Medley)

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