FRAILING THE GUITAR Unleashing the clawhammer in guitar fingerpicking CD TABLATURE CHITARRA METODO

FRAILING THE GUITAR. Baughman. Unleashing the clawhammer in guitar fingerpicking. CD TAB.

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The Travis pick revolutionized guitar picking in the 20th century, and frailing stands poised to do so in the 21st. This simple technique in which the thumb is employed on an upbeat, instead of on its usual downbeat, creates a driving groove reminiscent of Appalachian banjo. Frailing is a very versatile pattern that works as well with singer-songwriter guitar accompaniment as it does with fingerpicking blues and old time fiddle tunes. This is the first book ever published on the subject. Written in notation and tablature for intermediate to advanced guitarists.

Format: Book/CD Set


Full Disclosure Regarding Terminology
Laying the Foundation
A Word about Open Tunings
Applying the Lubus Pick
Shady Grove
The Basic Frailing Pattern
Go Tell Aunt Rhodie
Shady Grove (Orkney)
Shady Grove (Standard Tuning)
A Word About Repetition
Bells and Whistles
Double Pluck Variation on the Basic Frail
Left Hand Filler Slap
Honing Your Technique
Cripple Creek
Advanced Shady Grove (with filler slap)
Two Advanced Exercises
The High Lonesome Riff
Angeline Baker Riff
Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark Melody Variation
Middle Finger Thwack
More Tunes
Hey McLeod, Get Off of My Ewe
Glory by the River
Angeline Baker
Hickory Jack
Frailing the Blues
Frailing as Vocal Accompaniment
Some Other Guy's Frailing
Our Daily Bread
Ten Minutes to Frailing Fluency
Basic Frail (2 minutes)
Basic Frail with Left Hand Filler Slap (3 minutes)
High Lonesome Riff (2 minutes)
Angeline Baker Riff (3 minutes)
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