DEEP PURPLE LIVE IN JAPAN BAND SCORE TABLATURE Highway star-child in time-Lazy-strange kind of woman

"All guitar", disse sottovoce Ian Gillan all'inizio di highway star; 15 e 16 Osaka, 17 agosto 1972 Tokio. Questo libro afferra l'emozione di uno degli album dal vivo più noti agli amanti della chitarra elettrica e dell'Hard Rock. Sono state necessarie 25 pagine per la canzone Rock Blues "Lazy", incluso il burlesco motivo "circense" che Blackmore prende a prestito dalla "Swedish Rhapsody 1" del compositore svedese Hugo Alfvén. Highway star -child in time -smoke on the water -the mule -strange kind of woman -lazy -space truckin'. BAND TABLATURE

- Ritchie Blackmore / guitars

- Ian Paice / drums
- Roger Glover / bass
- Ian Gillan / vocals
- Jon Lord / keyboards

The live version on Made in Japan features a theme from Hugo Alfvén (May 1, 1872, May 8, 1960) "Swedish Rhapsody 1", played by Ritchie Blackmore as a part of his solo. Alfvén was a Swedish composer, conductor, violinist, and painter.

The first rhapsody Swedish Rhapsody 1, also known as Midsommarvaka (Midsummer Vigil) was written in 1903 and often simply called the "Swedish Rhapsody" is the best known piece composed by Hugo Alfvén, and also one of the best known pieces of music in Sweden.

There are several pop music references to the main theme of Alfvén's "Swedish Rhapsody 1":

It was arranged and recorded as a fingerstyle guitar solo in 1957 by American guitarist CHET ATKINS, and became one of Atkins best-known recordings.

The solo is also featured on Deep Purple's classical live album "Made in Japan" (1972) where the guitarist Ritchie BLACKMORE plays it in his solo on the song "Lazy".

The original version of a popular song "Mah Nà Mah Nà" interpolates its melody.

It is featured in The Simpsons episode Little Orphan Millie erroneously depicting Danish culture.


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