50 GREAT CLASSICAL GUITAR SOLOS Howard Wallach-Carcassi-Dowland-Giuliani-Handel-Sor-Tárrega

50 GREAT CLASSICAL GUITAR SOLOS, Howard Wallach. Bach, Carcassi, Dowland, Giuliani, Handel, Sor, Tárrega, e altri. 114 pagine. TABLATURE

Series: Guitar
Publisher: Cherry Lane Music
Softcover - TAB
Arranger: Howard Wallach

Covering music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic and Romantic eras, this fabulous collection includes 50 solos in notes and tab from Bach, Carcassi, Dowland, Giuliani, Handel, Sor, Tárrega and other acclaimed composers. 114 pages


Types of Dances and Pieces

Pavan = A dance of Italian origin popular in the 16 th and 17 th centuries. It was in simple duple time and of stately character.

Villanella = Street song popular in the 16 th Century, also a type of part-song less complex than the madrigal.

Finale = The last movement of a work in several movements.

Chaconna = Originally a dance of 3-in-a-measure rhythms, with the music built on (over) a ground bass. Sometimes there is no actual ground bass, but the music falls into a number of short sections similar to those written over a ground bass.

Bouree = A lively dance in quadruple time beginning with an up beat.

Allemanda = A dance usually in 4/4, but sometimes in duple meter. Often found as the
first dance of a suite. It is serious in character and of moderate speed.

Romanesca = 1) A kind of galliard from Romagna.
2) A certain melody popular in the 17 th Century as a ground bass.

Volta = A quick dance in triple meter; also known as "Lavolta" or ILaVolta,"
similar to the galliard.

Courante = A French dance popular in the 17 th and 18 th centuries and commonly found in the baroque suite. There are two types:
1) The Italian variety: rapid tempo in simple triple time.
2) The French variety: similar to the Italian, but with a different character and in quadruple meter.

Menuet = - A stately court dance of the 17 th and 18 th centuries in triple time. It was an optional movement of the suite and is found later in the classical symphonies of Haydn and Mozart.

Passepied = A lively dance in 3/8 or 6/8 time, which originated amongst French sailors, and later became popular at court.

Sarabande = A slow and stately dance form in triple time. It was a standard movement
of the baroque suite. There had existed an earlier, lively version.

Waltz = A dance in 3/4 time which came into prominence in the last quarter of the 18 th
Century. It rose to tremendous popularity in the 19 th Century, especially in Vienna.

Caprice = A light, quick composition with an improvisational feel, often including
striking or original effects.

Bagatelle = A short unpretentious instrumental composition; a trifle.

Landler = A type of slow waltz originating in northern Austria.

Prelude = A piece of music which precedes something else. In the 19 th and 20 th centuries, a self-contained short instrumental piece which sets a mood.

Mazurka = A traditional Polish country dance in triple time with an accentuation of the second beat of each measure and an ending of the phrases on that beat.


Table of Contents
Signs, Symbols, and Terms .
Found in this Book
Music of the Renaissance
Pavan V Milan .
Pavan VI Milan .
Polish Dance I Anonymous .
Polish Dance II Anonymous .
Villa nella Dlugoraj .
Finale Dlugoraj .
Pa van Byr d .
Mr. Dowland's Midnight Dowland .
My Lord Willoughby's Dowland .
Welcome Home
Music of the Baroque Era
La Chaconna Vallet .
B0urre e Va IIe t .
Allemanda Calvi .
Romanesca Calvi .
Volta Galilei .
Courante Sweelinck .
Menuet de Visee .
B0urre e de Vise e .
Passepied I Le Cocq .
Passepied II Le Cocq .
Menuet Handel '
Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded Bach .
Sarabande Bach .
Bourre e Bach .

Music of the Classic Era
Study in G Major Aguado '
Wa Itz Aguado ,
Andantino Carulli .
Waltz Caru Iii .
Andante Carulli .
Study in A Major Carcassi .
Study in E Minor Carcassi .
Ca price Carcassi .
Allegretto Giuliani .
Andantino Giuliani .
Study in A Minor Giuliani .
Andante Sor .
Study in A Major Sor .
Study in D Major Sor .
Minuet Sor .
Music of the Romantic Era
Bagatelle Schumann .
LandIer I Mertz .
Landler II Mertz .
Study in C Major Coste .
Study in A Minor Coste .
Prelude Coste .
Russian Song Tchaikovsky .
Prelude in D Major Tarrega .
Prelude (Endecha) Tarrega .
Prelude in D Minor Tarrega .
Prelude in E Major Tarrega .
Mazurka Tarrega.

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